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Toxicity in Pets due to Pet Medication

I, Dr. Kailash Paste, have been practicing my profession from my clinic based in Baner, Pune since the last 15 years. I have to admit the best and most interesting part of my job is interacting with pet parents. These interactions help me understand the pet and its lifestyle better. Most doctors are dependent on pet parents for the implementation of their respective treatments.

It so happens that, pet parents start repeating the past medication diagnosed in history.

This is an extremely harmful practise and it can have multiple effects on your pets life-cycle.

By Dr. Kailash Paste
4 mins read - 08-August-2022
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Nowadays, due to several social media platforms, many pet parents tend to use medications at home, following random advisers or friends from the internet. But little do they know, consuming such medications often turns into toxicity or a fatal effect on a pet’s health such as:

  • Hemorrhagic Gastritis
  • Seizures
  • Allergies
  • Dehydration
  • Ultimately delay in diagnosis and proper treatment of the disease.

There are many examples of self-medication drugs like paracetamol, ibuprofen, steroids, oral tick chews, etc. What you need to remember is that your pet’s body is

different from other pets of the same breed, and its needs differ as well.


Therefore, without consulting the pet’s veterinarian beforehand, never use such mediations. Pet parents can easily avoid such hazardous situations. If your pet is facing some health issues, it is highly recommended to discuss it with your respective vet incharge and then he/she will advise you on some safe medication which can be used as first-aid or over-counter medicines.


I would also like to bring special attention to the random use of oral tick medications. Directly buying from different selling platforms can prove to be fatal and can also be poisonous. You might not be aware that your pet could be a carrier of some haemoprotozoan infections or other vital organ related complex. Hence, it is advised to be cautious when using oral tick medicines. Sometimes oral tick medicines are needed, but make sure it is prescribed only by your vet.


We own two specialty clinics, one in Baner and the other in Aundh. The Pawzeeble platform that we use at our clinics helps me as well as pet parents keep track of their diagnosis history through the Pawzeeble Digital Health Management function. You can also book your appointments through the Pawzeeble website!

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