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Tick Infestation In Dogs

Dr. Hardik Soni has been a veterinarian practising in Surat for the last ten years. Tick infestation s one of the most common ailments pet parents face in their life cycle. He explains the causes, treatments and preventative measures methodologically in this blog. Pet parents in Surat can take advantage of his experience by booking an appointment at his clinic through the Pawzeeble. We are working towards educating pet parents through our series of blogs targeted at common and rare illnesses faced by your furry friends. We hope you are going to enjoy this read!

By Dr. Hardik Soni
4 mins read - 01-August-2022
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A common misconception that runs in the pet parent community is that tick fever is ideally caused in the monsoon season. Well, you’d be surprised that it isn’t the rains but the summers which are the ideal breeding season for these ticks!

I have been practicing my profession since the last 10 years and I generally attend to at least 300 patients every month. My clinic “Dr. Soni’s Pet Care Clinic” is a well equipped healthcare center based in Surat. We have been operational for the last 4 years. We are equipped with a Serum Biochemistry machine which helps us in testing real-time blood reports on various pets such as dogs, cats, rabbits, and so on. 

The most common and challenging disease contracted by dogs in India is tick fever. I treat approximately 800 cases of tick infestation every year. There are various types of diseases associated with tick infestation such as canine demodicosis, babesiosis, ehrlichiosis, and tick dermatitas. These diseases are as threatening as they sound, hence they should not be taken casually.  

A single tick can produce 3000 eggs in a single cycle! Now can you imagine the wrath that one tiny tick can cause? Hence it is extremely imperative to break this cycle of reproduction in your dog’s fur as well as in your homes. Yes, your homes too, as ticks wait for the right chance to attack your furry friends right in your midst. 

The breeding season as mentioned earlier for these ticks is the summer season. Thus, it is highly advisable to put your dogs under preventive treatment beforehand. Mentioned below are a few easily available treatments for your furry companions. 

(Note - The below pointers are used for both preventive measures as well as treatments for tick infestations. The effectiveness rating is based on my personal experience with treatment of the said condition)


  • Apply Spot-On on the neck of your dog. It is applied on the neck specifically so it can’t be licked.

Effectiveness rating : 60-70 in treatment

  • Bravecto (Single Chewable Tablet). Although it is slightly on the expensive side, it is one of the most recent effective cures. A single tablet of bravecto is available for around INR 3000. 

Effectiveness rating : 100

  • Anti-Tick Spray. This also includes various herbal repellents which are non-toxic to dogs. 

Effectiveness rating : 50

  • Anti-Tick Shampoo. It is always a good practice to bathe your dog once every 7 days with anti-tick shampoo. While using the shampoo, make sure that you give it some time to be absorbed in your pet’s skin thoroughly. While doing so, avoid contact with the internal part of the eyes and ears. 

Effectiveness rating : 50

  • Tick Collar. The price range for a tick collar starts around INR 700. 

Effectiveness rating : 60-70

  • Ivermectin Injection. The downside to this injection is that it has many side effects and can’t be administered to puppies. 

Effectiveness rating : 50

  • Regular floor cleaning. Use Amitraz Solution -1 ml in 1 liter every 15 days. However, be very cautious of its usage and make sure to keep it away from pets and children. 

Effectiveness rating : 70

As a veterinary practitioner, I would like to advise pet parents to examine their pets for ticks and check their fur daily for precautionary purposes, especially around the neck, groin and paw areas. In the end all we wish for our fluffy friends is a safe and healthy lifestyle, so why not make the right choices for them! 

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